K. Rogers - Fifth Grade

Karen Rogers

Rogers, Karen


Class Description:
This has been a very energetic and productive year of learning for my students. Hopefully each student will continue to work hard over the summer to continue developing their skills personally and academically.

Location: Mary H. Wright Elementary



This year our students will be working to improve their reading strategies through the use of Fountas and Phinnell. This is exciting because every child can work at their own pace along with teacher directions and guidance.

Accelerated Reader

All students are expected to participate in the Accelerated Reader marathon at MHW. This is an opportunity for students to read books that are “just right” for them and test their knowledge about the book. I am expecting every student to read two books per week and complete the computerized test by each Friday. Hopefully, this will be an opportunity for students to monitor their own learning and energize them to leap to greater levels in their reading.


Multiplication…..Multiplication…..Multiplication! It is so important for every student to know their multiplication facts from 0-12. All of the skills addressed in mathematics is dependent upon the strategies of multiplication and division. This is the time that changes must be made to make the leap to success in math. Therefore, all students are asked to practice their facts seven days a week in anyway that will help them make connections to their learning (i.e. jump rope as you say the facts, sing as you practice the facts, shoot basketball as you mentally say your facts).

Social Studies and Science

This year we are focusing on United States History and scientific inquiry and investigations. The information taught can be found on the South Carolina Department of Education website under support documents for Social Studies and Science- grade 5. Students will be learning how to make connections from the past to future and make visuals that show cause and effect relationships in the development of our nation. Also, they will be engaged in STEM activities that will require students and the teacher to address science in more hands-on activities.


Writing is an important component of learning. I am encouraging all students and parents to engage in writing activities that will help with students expressing themselves in many ways. In class, we engage in lots of brainstorming (discussions) to help students organize their thoughts. I am amazed at how many students have great ideas and expressions of feelings through their writing activities. Remember, to write everyday, everywhere, and about whatever you find interesting.

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Have a great Summer Break!

Summer School for identified students will begin on June 5th for three weeks. Mrs. Jordan and Ms. Miller have further information @ 594-4477.

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